Dental insurance just got interesting

Work places are evolving, shouldn't your benefits?
Insurance card hand master

Beam makes your benefits.... beneficial

Beam is different. We are an digital health startup that is reinventing dental benefits. Most insurance plans give you a plastic card. With Beam + Perks, you get everything you need for a healthier smile--great insurance coverage, a smart electric toothbrush, and specialty oral health products delivered right to your doorstep.

Get simple, straightforward pricing

Employees and their families are covered under one low monthly payment. No minimum employer contribution and no hidden fees. And, for just a few bucks, you can sign-up for Beam Perks.

Give your employees something to smile about

Beam Perks delivers everything you need for great oral health. Things like our speciality toothpaste and replacement heads delivered every three months. Best of all, you get our Beam Brush, the smart electric toothbrush that makes brushing fun.

Brush your way to rewards and better oral health

By connecting to your smartphone or tablet, the Beam Brush automatically tracks and rewards your good brushing habits. Collect stars that turn into real stuff like Beam’s speciality toothpaste, floss, and replacement heads. All delivered.

And we make onboarding a snap

Just invite your team to sign up online. We take it from there. Enrollment, selecting options, and handling dependents. Yep, we can integrate into your system too. Questions? Customer support will help you along the way. Any issue, any time.